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This playbook is meant to inspire and challenge us to reflect and prayerfully consider our motives and desire for being apart of the music ministry at Bethany Church. We want to ensure that all those who are involved in the music ministry are working together in agreement regarding our purpose, and what is expected by every member. This isn’t just about music, its about ministry. 

Purpose Statement


Bethany Worship exists to 


nourish the body of Christ, 


engage in God centered 


corporate worship, 


and foster a community of true 

multi-generational worshippers.

We accomplish this purpose in five primary ways. 


By serving under the vision, values, and covering of Bethany Church and Pastor John


Practice the presence of God - We worship and seek God daily in our own lives. To love God is to love his people.


Prepare with musical excellence - We equip and train worship leaders and musicians to do the work of the ministry. While all of God's people are called to be worshipers, we believe there are some who are called to the music ministry and act as lead worshipers.


We resource the congregations of Bethany Church and the larger Church community with fresh, prophetic, enduring, and timeless songs for corporate worship. 


We actively engage in discipleship and spiritual growth. We strive for a contemplative life with God marked by prayer and examination. ​

Value Statements

Value Statements  



We esteem the Word of God



We love and worship Jesus above everything



We choose camaraderie over comparison



We are not moved by applause or criticism 



We focus on character over competency 



We depend on the Holy Spirit 



We are a community of shepherds 



We choose servanthood over stardom



We value excellence in everything we do



We consider others more important than ourselves 

Spiritual Expectatos

Colossians 3:12-17: “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

Spiritual Expectations

  • To have a contemplative life with God marked by prayer and examination. 


  • Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. Promote a positive group dynamic and dealing with conflict resolution.


  • And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.


  • Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace and be thankful.


  • Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.


  • And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”


  • Sincere, worthy of respect, and of a good reputation.


  • Demonstrating a genuine desire to serve God and love people.

I am an attending member of Bethany Church.

I am in agreement with the Statement of Faith and overall vision of Bethany Church, and support Bethany Church with my prayers, resources, tithes and offerings.

I am in harmony and integrity in my marriage, family relationships, business relationships and personal friendships. I have high moral conduct and Christian character inside and outside of Bethany Church.

I have an attitude of support and submission for all authority, including the leadership of the church as a whole and those who lead my respective area of service.

I will demonstrate faithfulness in church attendance at Bethany Church and overall faithfulness to fulfill the responsibilities pertaining to my specific ministry assignment.

I am committed to maintaining a disciplined life of Bible study, prayer and fasting, as well as refraining from such things as profanity, illegal drugs, pornography, sexual immorality, drunkenness and all behaviors that might cause Christ to grieve and others to stumble.

I am committed to building unity, being a peacemaker and a team player, having an attitude of grace, love, patience, long- suffering, service, and humility.

I am committed to address the sins of others, personal offenses, hurts, conflict with others in a biblical and timely manner.

I am committed to maintaining an attitude of compassion and grace to those who are hurting, different from me, sinful or even adversarial to my faith in Christ.

As a member of the Worship team, we ask that you be in agreement with the statements below:

Sectional Responsibilities


Instrumentalists must own their own IEM’s (in-ear monitors). Brands such as Shure, 1964, or Westone are preferred however costly. Also acceptable are KZs which cost between twenty and sixty dollars depending on the model on Amazon. They can function as a good interim step towards the higher priced models if needed. (Note: When ordering, choose the stereo cable option that does not have a microphone for phone usage).

In order to continue to serve as a part of any platform worship team, all members are required to attend rehearsals nights (or as scheduled) for training, and team building events. 

Stage Dress Code

Stage Dress Code 

Our goal is that you look clean and presentable while on stage. Our goal is to not draw attention to ourselves but to the Lord. 



Avoid styles, patterns or colors that bring attention to you and not the entire group. Think: “I need to look a part of the team.” 


Collared shirts or nicer t-shirts/sweaters. Shirts should be buttoned if there is no undershirt.


Slacks or nicer jeans. Please avoid excessively skinny/tight jeans as well.  


If wearing a hat, please be sure it doesn’t create shadows on your face. Please ensure viewers in person and on-screen participants can see your eyes.


Please avoid big open knee ripped jeans. Distressed jeans are acceptable accompanied by sharp attire. Please avoid ripped jeans above the knee. Gentlemen no flip-flops or sandals on stage.

Photo Dec 24, 6 17 11 PM (1)_edited_edit


Avoid styles, patterns or colors that bring attention to you and not the entire group. Think: “I need to look a part of the team.” 


Knee-length or longer skirts, shorts and dresses. If wearing leggings or tights the top must be 2 inches above your knee (with hands raised).

Your shirt should cover your back and front side (when your hands are down and raised). When you’re on the stage, your shirt needs to cover your front and back-side (mid-thigh). The ONLY exception to wearing a longer shirt is if you are wearing very loose dress slacks or very loose jeans. Please avoid ripped jeans above the knee.


Please do not wear anything sheer or see-through. Be aware that stage lighting has an effect on clothing that normal lighting does not, especially when being filmed in high resolution. If you’re ever not sure of the effect stage lighting will have on your clothes, please wear an extra layer to be safe.


Please make sure shirts are modest up top as well. Shirts don’t have to come to your neck, but nothing should be exposed when you lift your arms, clap, bend down, etc. In addition, shirts or blouses should not be tight fitting. Watch out for clingy fabric! 

Song Leader Expectations

Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

We have identified and defined three distinct roles in operation on stage at any given time to accomplish our worship services. In order to be selected for one or multiple of these roles you must meet the following expectations. These positions are by invitation only.


Song Leader Expectations

To become a song leader at Bethany we expect a higher level of training and vocal ability to operate in this capacity. Understanding that everyone has been called a lead worshipper - to lead songs on stage requires a shepherd’s heart and a dimension of trust with both the Pastoral Staff and the congregation you will be leading.  


Song leaders must have met and sustained all standards & expectations of a BC Worship team member first.


They must demonstrate the ability to receive feedback or critique and make adjustments where instructed by the Worship Pastor or Campus Pastor.


They should have identifiable servant leadership capabilities both musically and interpersonally on and off the stage. They should be aware of visual aspects of worship - Body language, wardrobe, facial expressions etc.


Song leaders are expected to have an understanding of worship and the heart behind shepherding people inconspicuously into the presence of God. This requires both humility and confidence.


Must be able to sing confidently and demonstrate vocal mastery (i.e. correct pitch, timing, vocal coordination). Additionally demonstrating sensitivity to the spirit in leading a room in worship.

Music Director Expectations

Music Director (M.D.) Expectations 

The M.D. must have an understanding of each instrument and how they interact with each other.  For example, knowing how to facilitate direction the bass and drums creating the “pocket”. Keyboards right hand mid-range frequencies and left hand bass frequencies. Communicating to the keys players to be light on bass notes as to not step on bass guitar frequencies. Encourage communication of guitar parts and chord structure, when to use alternate chords or a capo, rhythm parts, lead lines etc. Understanding how auxiliary instruments fit and knowing when and when not to play.


They must understand each member of the bands musical capabilities and know how to communicate to them using basic music theory, Nashville number system, or standard chord structure. 


The MD should have basic knowledge of tracking and how to use Ableton Live or Multi-tracks App Track in a live setting as all our locations use both click and loops during all or parts of our worship experiences. 


In coordination with Worship Director, the MD must be prepared to facilitate worship without tracks in the event of a technology error or planned free flowing song. 


Must be agreeable in working with and defer to Vocal Leader during rehearsals and during services if song structure should change or a spontaneous moment arises. This requires both a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and a confidence in the rehearsed music. 


The MD is expected to communicate clearly with Vocal Leader to plan setlist that all members of the band/vocals are able to successfully execute. (i.e. timing of the song, overall song groove, and song style) 


Demonstrate sensitivity to the Spirit knowing we prepare like it all depends on us and lead like it all depends on the Lord. 


Must work in conjunction with Vocal Directors/Pastor vision for setlist and worship direction. 

Worship Director Expectations

Campus Worship Director Expectations

A Campus Worship Director must have met and sustained all standards & expectations of a BC Worship team member and be in agreement with the vision* and value statements* of Bethany Church and The Bethany Worship Department. 


The Campus Worship Director must demonstrate the ability to give loving and tactful feedback or critique to bands and worship team members. They must be willing to clearly communicate expectations and making adjustments where necessary.

They must possess identifiable servant leadership capabilities both musically and interpersonally having built rapport and influence with band members including the Bethany Church leadership Staff (campus specific). 


They must have a proven understanding of worship and the heart behind shepherding people inconspicuously into the presence of God. This requires both humility and confidence being sensitive to the Holy Spirit. 


They must have proficient understanding of each musical instruments role and how they fit into the overall structure of the band. 


The worship director is expected to take ownership of starting rehearsal/sound-checks in a timely manner. This requires showing up early to prepare the stage and any technical needs of the band members instruments and gear.


They must have a basic knowledge of all instruments and how they interact with each other further demonstrating mastery of song content (i.e. lyrics, chords, applicable lead-lines, tempo, song structure) well enough to communicate with MD as to focus on leading the congregation. 


Finally, one of the values of Bethany is Made to Worship. Each congregant and team member we lead was created to worship. Knowing this, it’s the Campus Worship Director great honor and responsibility to shepherd their teams and congregations to this end. This is done with loving grace knowing that the Lord extends grace to us as we accomplish His purposes on earth. They must always point others towards the Lord in words and actions. It is a privilege to steward the sound of Bethany worship and play an instrumental role in creating this culture of worship.  


Vocalists are joining a team, an ensemble of singers with a shared goal of learning and creating a cohesive sound and becoming one unified voice for congregational worship. Vocalists are therefore expected to remain flexible and receptive to further coaching and direction from appropriate leadership.


As instructed, vocalists should be able to read or follow along with vocal parts and harmonies as well as listen to and blend with other vocalists. 


Vocalists should be able to lead the congregation in authentic physical expressions of worship while not being distracting or seeming out of place. 




Drummers are expected to learn groove patterns/maps from the recordings and be flexible to change the parts if asked to do so. We emphasize simple, musical playing with an aggressive approach and a high emphasis on consistency.


This refers to a consistent hitting technique throughout each song, consistent groove patterns through each section, and consistent timing. Drummers are expected to be able to play tightly to a metronome for the entire worship set.


Acoustic Guitar 

Acoustic guitarists are expected to know basic chords in all keys and be flexible with chord voicing when a second acoustic is being used. 


We know that all acoustics aren’t created equal as such we recommend brands like Gibson, Taylor, Collings, and higher end Martin or Larrivee. Additionally, a good pickup system is essential. Brands like L.R. Bags, Fishman, and Expression System are executable.


Electric Guitar 

Electric guitarists are required to learn the actual parts of the versions of the songs we do while matching the tones and effects for each part as they are on the recordings. We love the unique and personal expression of each individual player; however, here are some basic guidelines or standards to meet and follow in order to fit within and contribute to the Bethany worship sound.


The player should first and foremost have a good quality guitar.


The sound and style of the Guitar should contribute to the diverse and dynamic style of playing expected from the player. Guitar brands such as Fender, Gretsch, Gibson, Duesenberg, reverend, and Veritas, are a few examples of Guitar manufacturers that offer a wide variety of great sounding guitars. Guitars such as Schecter, Ibanez, Dean, ESP, and others like these, although great for their perspective styles, will not work well for what we do.


The quality of the Guitar is as equally important as the sound, if not more. A reliable and great playing guitar that is well set-up helps prepare the player to be more reliable and consistent.


BC Worship is not just looking for great tone but consistent tone and playing. One of the biggest reasons great players can be inconsistent is because of poor quality guitars, so don’t overlook this key element!


Guitar Pedals

Even great pedals will not sound good through lower quality guitars and amps, but with quality amps and guitars they can make all the difference in the finer tunings and crafting of your tone.


Multi effects processors such as the line 6 pod, or the Boss “ME” series, and others like these, will not work well for what we do. Effects units such as these do not contain the quality of sound, nor the ease of flexibility for “on the fly” tone shaping that is needed for what we do.


Individual stomp boxes can be pricey, but in the long run, the investment is worth the initial cost. Many companies make great effects, but here are a few examples: brands such as Strymon, JHS, Walrus Audio, Eventide, Cmat-mods,


Xotic effects, TC Electronics, Mathews Effects, Electro Harmonix, even some from Boss, Digitech, and MXR, can do wonders for your pedal board and tone.

Screen Shot 2022-09-02 at 12.37.13 PM.png


Players are expected to learn the parts from the recordings, play the proper voicings and be flexible to change things if/as needed while consistently working with the guitarists to occupy the right frequency ranges. (If there is a piano player and a keys player – work together to determine parts and patches).


Piano/keys players are welcomed and encouraged to use a laptop (A powerful MacBook) and run (at the very least) Main Stage, Ableton Live, or Omnisphere with the current sounds/patches.  

Keys players are also expected to be proficient with navigating each keyboard they are using (campus specific) i.e. Nord, Yamaha MX88, Nord piano, and others.


Bass Guitar

Bassists are expected to learn bass lines as written or on recording. 


They are expected to have a quality instrument (Fender, Lakland, Music Man or comparable) with excellent tone. Excellent tone has as much to do with equipment as it does the technique employed by the instrumentalist. 


They are expected to show the ability to play not only in time with the click, but to actually help create the pocket with the drummer.


The bass is must be proficient enough to play octaves notes and tasteful riffs when called for.

SOLO INSTRUMENTS (flute, sax, trumpet, violin etc.) 

Understand that these instruments are not lead instruments; they are spice that enhances the music. As with spice, when used correctly, they can take things to another level.


Must be proficient enough to play in key and play melodic lines to accent do NOT play melody when singers are leading.


Be capable of writing out own music, or finding someone who can.


Not over play or play so loud as to distract from the singing/worship, or draw attention.

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