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Electric Guitar & Pedals 

Electric guitarists are required to learn the actual parts of the versions of the songs we do while matching the tones and effects for each part as they are on the recordings. We love the unique and personal expression of each individual player; however, here are some basic guidelines or standards to meet and follow in order to fit within and contribute to the Bethany worship sound.


The player should first and foremost have a good quality guitar.


The sound and style of the Guitar should contribute to the diverse and dynamic style of playing expected from the player. Guitar brands such as Fender, Gretsch, Gibson, Duesenberg, reverend, and Veritas, are a few examples of Guitar manufacturers that offer a wide variety of great sounding guitars. Guitars such as Schecter, Ibanez, Dean, ESP, and others like these, although great for their perspective styles, will not work well for what we do.


The quality of the Guitar is as equally important as the sound, if not more. A reliable and great playing guitar that is well set-up helps prepare the player to be more reliable and consistent.


BC Worship is not just looking for great tone but consistent tone and playing. One of the biggest reasons great players can be inconsistent is because of poor quality guitars, so don’t overlook this key element!



Even great pedals will not sound good through lower quality guitars and amps, but with quality amps and guitars they can make all the difference in the finer tunings and crafting of your tone.


Multi effects processors such as the line 6 pod, or the Boss “ME” series, and others like these, will not work well for what we do. Effects units such as these do not contain the quality of sound, nor the ease of flexibility for “on the fly” tone shaping that is needed for what we do.


Individual stomp boxes can be pricey, but in the long run, the investment is worth the initial cost. Many companies make great effects, but here are a few examples: brands such as Strymon, JHS, Walrus Audio, Eventide, Cmat-mods,


Xotic effects, TC Electronics, Mathews Effects, Electro Harmonix, even some from Boss, Digitech, and MXR, can do wonders for your pedal board and tone.

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